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As the world seems to be descending into ever greater insanity, more and more of us are asking why? Although we have stood on the brink of world war more than once since 1945, there has been an unusually long period of so-called world peace, despite the many conflicts and tyranny that have gripped so many countries. When World War II was over, everyone thought that was it, peace at last. Far from it. Throughout history the most appalling cruelty and violence have dogged the human race. And now, in this so-called civilized world of the 21st century, we are still not free of it. WHY?

Can this world ever be free of conflict, and the people who bring it about? Nobody seems to have an answer; religious leaders, scientists, philosophers, politicians – NOBODY. And so we ask why? Why are we constantly dogged by all this fear, bloodshed and misery, when most of us just want to live in peace? It’s a fundamental question that does have an answer. But we need to look beyond the conventional, worn out reasons that we’re given by historians, politicians or religion to find the answer.

It is a simple fact that the ego is the root cause of all conflict in mankind’s history – whether it is personal inner turmoil, a domestic dispute or all out nuclear war. The ego creates the illusion of individualism – that we are all separate – and the sense of ‘other’. It’s a big subject, and despite shelves of book stores being full of writings on the subject, it’s a fact that remains generally unknown and misunderstood in society. The madness of it is that even when there maybe nothing really to fight about, the ego will always drive people to find something – whether it be opposing football supporters or the colour of someone’s skin. One of the best teachers in the world today – Eckhart Tolle – describes the ego in terms of war as ‘ a collective dysfunction, the insanity of the human mind’, and his worldwide best sellers such as ‘A New Earth – Create A Better Life’ explain in simple terms how this age old problem of ego can be understood and dealt with. If such teachings were adopted in schools across all nations, we would transform the world within a generation.

But there is something more than this problem of ego. There is an energy – a force – where this illusion of separateness has developed into evil. Although psychologists would point out that degrees of mental illness can be responsible for causing individuals to perpetrate acts of extreme violence, and they would be right to some degree. Most psychologists would explain the heinous acts of child abusers, serial killers, mass murderers, Mafiosi gangsters or political and religious terrorists purely in pathological terms, but this is too simplistic; it is really what lies behind the cerebral functions – or dysfunctions – that is the major cause. It is the reason why seemingly ordinary, normal people can be whipped up into an angry mob, which then snowballs into acts of violence and barbarity. It is why some individuals repeatedly carry out monstrous crimes, almost with pleasure. It is the reason why cruelty, war and tyranny have pervaded this world for thousands and thousands of years, and exist to this very day, even in a so-called civilized 21st century. We may not have Roman amphitheatres dedicated to the enjoyment of watching human beings fight to the death, or torn apart by wild animals, but those sadistic traits still exist in many people around the world today – two thousand years on.

This energy is why real change never truly happens, and anyone who attempts to make change is often thwarted, while the most appallingly cruel individuals are able to climb to positions of power and influence with relative ease and create misery for so many people. It is why we live with a permanent black cloud hanging over our world and why evil actions are always happening somewhere in the world.

When brutal dictators and despots rise to power, or all out war occurs, historians would argue that political events and the chain of key moments and decisions were the cause for the eventual outcome – a certain situation exists, or arises, which is ripe for conflict – and those historians would be right. But there is an energy behind certain individuals, decisions and situations, which swings matters in a certain direction. If matters hang in the balance, then you would think that every effort would be made in a so-called civilized world to avert conflict and bloodshed; indeed every effort is made by some, but there are always those few who are ready to tip the balance in favour of tyranny or war no matter what. Of course there are those who stand to benefit financially – a major driving factor – and equally as bad as those who decide in favour of conflict; often they are one and the same people. A window of opportunity for evil opens up which attracts other similar energies, and in pour all those who are pre-disposed to it. Arrogance and hatred are energies flowing out from the individuals who harbour them, and they attract other similar entities to them; a dark force takes hold and gathers momentum.

The Kaiser’s Germany for example, was the enemy of the rest of Europe in the First World War, but it is historical fact that Kaiser Wilhelm was not initially pre-disposed to war (being related to the British royal family had something to do with this) and he attempted to employ diplomacy to quell the approaching storm; it was certain generals and politicians around him who were determined to lead Europe into carnage.

Historians cannot deny that during the Second World War Germany experienced a whirlwind of terror which drew in many seemingly ordinary people who abandoned their humanity to wreak savagery and the most appalling crimes on their fellow human beings. Historians and psychoanalysts would have their opinions on why diplomacy and sanity were utterly abandoned for hatred and barbarity, and their assessments would be partially correct. But can they explain why – when the storm of destruction has abated, and the world clears the dust from its eyes and can’t believe what it has done, or fully reconcile why it has done it – does it sleep-walk back into the same trap so soon afterwards? Are we humans that stupid? Can we simply blame the ego for clouding the mind with hatred and then carrying out systematic murder on an industrial scale? Can experts explain why Hitler – an intelligent man surrounded by intelligent advisers – if intent on world domination or at least winning the war, spent so much effort and resources on not just expelling but exterminating an entire race? And why, when defeat was imminent, did he blame his own people for failing him, resigning himself and the entire country to self-destruction? As if to destroy as much as possible before his departure.

In the 20th century alone there were around 50 major conflicts and wars throughout the world, making it the costliest century of lives, and money, in the whole of mankind’s history. The 1914-18 war to end all wars was followed by another, even greater one, which in turn was followed by the threat of entire humanity’s annihilation throughout an east west stand-off. And to round the century off, as the nuclear threat was reduced to a simmer, the Middle East became the new main battle ground. Looked at from a political or historical perspective, it is all incredibly complex and messy. But there is one single driving force behind it all which goes back deep into mankind’s history – a force which we have so far been ignorant of.

Below is an extract from a book written by one of the most extraordinary individuals ever to have lived among us. Dr. George King was a mystic, occultist, metaphysician and most importantly a Master of Yoga. What he did and what he had to say has been ridiculed and generally ignored by the world. But here is what he had to say about mankind’s history, from his introduction to the book The Nine Freedoms, first published in 1963:


Dr. George King

For thousands of years thinking man has looked aloft into the mighty vastness of the heavens and has asked “Do I ever leave this Earth? Where do I go? How do I get there?”

Deeply intrigued he has searched through physics, philosophy and orthodox Religions for these answers – but, for the most part, he has searched in vain. Some creeds have even forbidden him to ask, to search further. But the brave, ignoring the threats of hell and damnation, have continued their struggles to find the answers to the most baffling questions which have ever faced humanity.

Some more daring souls have studied the mystic and occult sciences in search of their answers. They have plodded from the seance rooms to the occult tomes which tried, in extremely verbose language, to give them an acceptable definition of life and its eventual destination. Yet, even the most erudite of these works have not given the seeker a plain, easily understandable answer to all these foremost questions. Even a most carefully prepared precis of the known philosophies of the East and West has not provided the full answers to these three questions. Always there has been a part of the answer missing-as though purposely shrouded in some strange mystery.

Why is this so? Because until now, man has, by design, been cut off from the full Truth, has not been given an easily understandable path through his future. By design he has not been informed of the essential stopping places on his long road through Evolution.

You may ask: “By whose design has this vital information been kept from me. If at last these secrets are revealed – why is this Revelation given now?”

In order to answer these questions it is necessary to go back into the past – back before the days of the Ancient Brahmins and the Chinese, back before the time when man started to write his history in the Akashic records of Earth.

Here is the history of man – your history.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago there was another Planet in this Solar System. This Planet made an orbit between Mars and Jupiter. It was a small mass about the size of Earth. A green prosperous world inhabited by a people who were, for the most part, reasonably satisfied with their progression. This civilization had not reached a state of really advanced culture, but had nevertheless attained a stage which afforded an abundance of necessities which made life comparatively comfortable for all.

These people had likes and dislikes, hopes and ambitions as indeed do you. Male and female caused pro-creation of the races as do the people on Earth.

They studied the philosophies and dabbled in the sciences as do terrestrials, except that these people were more advanced in many ways than are earthlings. The Planet was so highly mechanized that robots took care of all the menial tasks. The inhabitants had discovered a rudimentary form of Space travel, but soon found that their craft did not possess sufficient cruising range owing to the fact that their fuel was too heavy to allow them to penetrate far into the System. They could control their weather so that drought and famine became long forgotten. The majority, having an abundance of food, having no menial tasks to perform soon became content to while away their unrecallable hours in the sun. They became, in comparison with the higher Planetary cultures, a selfish, lackadaisical people seeking after their own enjoyment, as do the majority of terrestrials.

Then the disease came.

It probably started subtly in the minds of those few men of science who shunned the procrastinating majority, in a fervent search for material conquest, thus leaving themselves open to the incurable affliction.

The mental disease manifested itself as a lust for greater power. They found it!

They exploded a hydrogen bomb and completely destroyed the Planet Maldek and murdered the whole populace in one blinding flash of searing flame.

Not the hydrogen isotope bomb which only releases one ten thousandth part of its force as does the murder weapon on Earth, but the scientists of Maldek discovered how to convert hydrogen mass into energy in its entirety and thus murdered a whole world. All that is now left of that beautiful green Planet, which at one time teemed with life, gaining its expression through experience, is the asteroid belt. Thousands of pieces of cold rock, spinning through Space, lifeless, devoid of atmosphere, a burned, broken, dead world.

Although the terrible disease, the lust for power and material conquest, affected only a few, the majority of people were so lackadaisical, so confined to their own petty contentment and ease of life that they allowed this horrible Cosmic crime to be committed. They were all just as responsible for this terrible sin as were the few who actually caused it.

The millions of lifestreams who inhabited Maldek were suddenly released on to their different etheric planes. According to the perfect Law of Karma, these lifestreams had to reincarnate again, under strict limitation, upon another Planet in the Solar System. They could not reincarnate upon Jupiter, because even in those days, the inhabitants had reached such a high state of Spiritual culture that the Planet was used as a reception centre for the Interplanetary Confederation, which actually had its seat upon Saturn. Jupiter, with its massive bulk, approximately 630 times the size of Earth, could well accommodate the thousands of representatives coming from different worlds within and even outside of the Solar System to the seat of learningSaturn. They could not be reincarnated upon Uranus or Venus because both these peoples had reached such a high state of culture that the involved intelligences from Maldek would not have learned the lessons essential to their further progress. Mercury was already operating as the major communications centre for the Solar System. Mars was already inhabited by an advanced race who were the engineers and builders in the Solar System.

The Earth was approached.

The Cosmic Hierarchy first made an appeal to the Earth as an Intelligence, to see if She would agree to withhold Her Evolutionary progress and bear the limitations which would be necessarily imposed upon Her should the people from Maldek be allowed to reincarnate.

The Earth, being a great Planetary Lord, took merciful compassion upon the killers of Maldek and agreed to their reincarnation upon Her back and thereby agreed to the thousands of years of necessary limitation which would have to be imposed during their reincarnation so that they could gain essential experience.

The Cosmic Hierarchy then approached the true inhabitants of Earth, a highly cultured race of individuals called – Adamic man. Adamic man agreed that he would give place to the reincarnating lifestreams and he cooperated in such a manner as to make this cycle of incarnation complete.

Gradually those too lazy to stop the shocking Cosmic crime of the destruction of Maldek and those who had actually brought it about, were reincarnated upon Earth. Adamic man stayed for a time giving instruction, guidance and help to the mutants which plagued the grass of Earth. Then, eventually, when Adamic man had caused some sem­blance of civilization to be brought into being on Earth, he, obeying his instructions according to the Law, left the human race to its own devices.

Out of the gross limitation of atomic mutation the civilization of Lemuria dragged its weary self. It grew in culture. The Earth became somewhat similar to what Maldek had been. The people began to probe the philosophies and the sciences again. The Earth gave of Its abundance and the Lemurian civilization flourished.

In its hey-day, it was a civilization of much finer culture than we know on Earth today, The Lemurians established a liaison between themselves and the Planets, Venus and Mars. The Venusians and Mar­tians, not dictating in anyway to the Lemurians, nevertheless taught them many lessons. But alas, the disease struck again.                    

Lemuria was split into two different camps, the White Magicians and the evil black magicians. The White Magicians, learning many things from the Visitors from other Planets had advanced greatly in Metaphysical sciences. The black magicians probed the atom. Again, for the second time, they unlocked the forces within God’s tiny build­ing blocks and destroyed the civilization of Lemuria.

But this time those people who were ready were actually evacuated prior to the destruction of Lemuria by vehicles from other Planets which landed upon Earth in order to perform this evacuation. In fact, even the evil forces were warned time and time again of their folly, but alas they took no notice and died as a result.

Again those left were born through gross limitation on and off a world seething with radio-active poisoning until, eventually, after thousands of years, another semblance of a culture came into being and slowly at first, then later gaining momentum, the civilization of Atlantis flourished upon Earth. Again Space travel was established. Again some listened to the voice of Wisdom coming from Higher Sources and there was a split into three definite camps. The few, search­ing for a force to give them conquest over the whole Solar System, the majority not caring much, because they were content to live in their procrastinations and the other few, who had proved themselves ready for the higher teachings and possessed the logic and faith to accept the voice of Higher Authority. There was a great mental battle on Atlantis between the White Magicians and the evil practitioners of the black arts. Again the sadistic minds of the dark ones unlocked the pandora’s box and invented two atomic weapons. They quarrelled among themselves. One side made a weapon called “Indra’s dart;’ which was an atomic bomb and the other side invented a controllable atomic ray called – surprisingly enough, “The Brahma weapon” or “weapon of God:”

Now the Martians, who had been in close liaison with the White Magicians on Atlantis, saw that a great war was brewing between the two evil factions and landed five large Spacecraft upon Earth called, “Cities of Shan:”

The White Magicians and indeed all those who were ready for evacuation just prior to the outbreak of atomic war, were taken off the Earth. The evil forces, beset with greed and lust for material supremacy, warred with each other. As neither side could win such an atomic war-down fell the civilization of Atlantis into charred radio-active ruins.

It is a strange thing that, if this Truth were written as a novel, no one would ever accept it to be in anyway feasible or logical. No thinking man would believe that a race of intelligent people could, three times in succession, make the same mistake, although twice previously they had been forced to suffer gross limitation for this very mistake. No humanitarian would ever believe, were this written as fiction, that people could have been so absurdly foolish as the people upon Earth have been.

But, believe it or not this is a brief resume of what is written in the always truthful Akashic records.

So much for the past – what about today?

Again the forces of the atom have been unleashed. Again the world is divided against itself. Again we stand in a similar position to the one we occupied before the destruction of Maldek, before the destruction of Lemuria. We stand in a similar position now, as you read this, to the one we stood in before the atomic destruction of Atlantis.

It should also be noted that after the destruction of Lemuria, the Cosmic Hierarchy saw fit to place a barrier around the Earth called, in some occult books, “the ring-pass not:” In physical terms this barrier is called the ionosphere. After the destruction of Atlantis, “the ring-pass not” or ionosphere was greatly intensified. This intensification tended to cut man off from the higher forms of inspiration as a well deserved limitation, making advancement so much more difficult for him. This move had to be brought about according to Karmic Law. But it should also be appreciated that both in Atlantean and modern times, man has always had access to the philosophies and the definitions of the Divine Laws. In modern times, this access was made possible through the Wisdom propounded by Interplanetary Avatars such as Shri Krishna, Buddha, Patanjali, the Master Jesus, who came to Earth to teach and in the case of the latter, to die to save terrestrials from a catastrophe. Mankind, even in his darkest hour, has never been left alone. He chose to disregard the teachings of the Great Ones, thereby exercising his petty freewill which has led him into the troubles which he has faced.

This is a very brief history of why man is here upon Earth and why he is at the bottom of the Evolutionary ladder in this Solar System. No other peoples in the Solar System have committed the worst possible crime, namely that of murdering a Planetary Intelligence.

Maldek, referred to in some Holy Works as-the angel which fell out of heaven, was the place from whence you came to this Earth. To refer back to the question, “By whose design has the vital information regarding man’s eventual Evolution been kept from him?” Who else has designed the witholding of this information except man himself by his gross disobedience to the Divine Laws.

To refer back to the other question: “If at last these secrets are revealed-why is this Revelation given now?”

Now, mankind stands in, to quote Higher Authority: “The valley of decision:” He has to decide whether or not he will bring about those conditions which will destroy modern civilization through another atomic war, or whether he will spare himself this suffering. The key to man’s future virtually lies in his own hands. These are the last days of the old order. The New Order for mankind will be surer Peace-deeper joy-more lasting prosperity than he has ever known before, conditions will be so good upon this Earth as to be beyond his wildest imaginings, or he can re-live the terrors of Maldek, Lemuria and Atlantis – which ever he likes.

Few people would want to even hear this explanation, let alone accept it as the truth. It’s a nightmare story of the blackest kind, which most people would regard as fantastical nonsense anyway – a story for the science fiction novels and comic books. In fact it probably wouldn’t even make it to the press as a novel, because a story of a race of people so foolish as to fall into the same trap so many times wouldn’t be credible. Or would it? The truth is that much of the above extract corresponds precisely with the ancient Sanskrit epic the Mahabharata.


Sebastian Brant’s ‘Ship of fools’ (woodcut by Albrecht Durer) 1494

With regard to validating the scientific and historical truth of the extract, a great deal has been researched and written in the last half century or so which has threatened established scientific and historical thinking.

Desmond Leslie, a relation of Sir Winston Churchill, wrote in his 1953 book ‘Flying Saucers Have Landed’ on evidence for extra-terrestrial contact with advanced ancient civilizations on Earth; the much derided Erich von Daniken rattled a few cages with his many books on a similar subject; in 1993 Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson published their archaeological research in the book ‘The Hidden History Of The Human Race’ of actual physical proof that technologically advanced human beings existed on Earth millions of years ago; and in 1995 the acclaimed writer and journalist Graham Hancock questioned, through extensive research and observation, orthodox views of the history of mankind in his book ‘Fingerprints Of The Gods’ – which was followed up by a BBC documentary that caused a furore at the time; Hancock continues to be an irritating thorn in the side of academics and the establishment.

The mentioning in the extract of sentient life on the other planets in our system would be regarded as absurd by the scientific community, and indeed by most people. But I discuss this point, and the UFO phenomenon, in more detail in my other blog. And regarding the asteroid belt, cosmologists disregard the notion that it is the remains of a former planet, on the grounds that they believe there is not enough material there to be the remains of a destroyed planet. But then might it not be the case that if the planet was destroyed in one blinding flash, much of it would have been vaporized, and a great deal of matter blown in many directions out into the cosmos? The asteroid belt being just the leftover pieces remaining in a constant orbit?


A Belgian tapestry depicting shapes in the sky similar to the classic UFO – 1538

The Mahabharata is essentially a narrative in verse about a war which took place on the Indian subcontinent tens of thousands of years ago – nobody knows exactly when. But what stands at odds with established history in the story is the description of the types of weapons used and their terrible effects, which appear to closely resemble that of atomic weaponry. And the descriptions of ‘Vimana’ – so-called mythological flying machines. Which is why modern day India has shunned these texts, believing them to be nothing more than fairy tales and myth – having no place in a ‘rational’, ‘scientific’ society. However, excavations near the Pakistani-Indian border have revealed evidence of ancient skeletons lying in positions consistent with people having died as a result of a large blast, and with radiation levels 50 times higher than normal. It’s interesting to note here that after witnessing the Trinity nuclear bomb test in July 1945 in New Mexico, J. Robert Oppenheimer – one of the ‘fathers’ of the atomic bomb – remarked by quoting from the Bhagavad Gita, a part of the epic Mahabharata: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”


Trinity nuclear weapon explosion – July 1945 New Mexico

Regardless of the theories and physical evidence for our ancient history, the underlying implication of this extract from ‘The Nine Freedoms’ is that we live many, many lives – we reincarnate, over and over again. And this continuing cycle is inextricably tied up with the law of the universe – the law of action and reaction – Karma (a subject discussed a little further on); which is the same as Newton’s third law of physics ‘for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’. And death as such, does not exist, only the demise of the physical body we have inhabited in one lifetime – our consciousness is eternal. The fact that we do live many lives means that this brief account of mankind’s history is describing OUR history – each one of us. And all the negative Karma we as a race have accumulated over time.

But you think reincarnation nonsense? When you’re dead, you’re dead. Scientists will tell you so. Atheists will tell you so; not that there is anything wrong with an atheistic approach. Even George King who wrote the above extract is on record as saying that some of his best friends were atheists, and that he preferred the company of atheists to that of religious hypocrites. But atheists don’t realize that atheism is also a religion, a church like any other; it’s followers certain of their belief in their God – science. But, like religion, science has many unanswered questions. Interestingly, Albert Einstein famously said that ‘Science without religion is lame – religion without science is blind’. Claiming to be an atheist, or of a particular religious denomination cannot be condemned, it is just testament to the fact that the will to investigate any further has failed – a band of ignorance exists which has yet to be penetrated.

So, to believe that bodily death is the end – blackness, nothing – is testament to our own ignorance as a race and the mindset we have established for ourselves. Science knows that energy cannot be destroyed, it simply changes its form. And consciousness is an energy that remains as yet inexplicable to science. Ask any scientist what consciousness is and most will give a very vague if any answer at all. Only the study of metaphysics and mysticism can explain it. Which is why many scientists – particularly quantum physicists – are interested in eastern mysticism; only recently the British astrophysicist Dr. Brian Cox stated on a British TV programme that ‘scientists are interested in mysticism’. And the reason why? Because what the discovery of the quantum world revealed in the 20th century had been understood in eastern mysticism for thousands of years – the two branches of knowledge now overlapping.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries certain scientists undertook research to prove or disprove existence after bodily death. Sir Oliver Lodge F.R.S. was one of the most famous and highly respected scientists of that era. He made major contributions in the field of electro-magnetism; was the first to demonstrate communication using radio waves, long before Marconi; and was the inventor of the spark plug for the internal combustion engine. A great intellectual and prolific writer on many subjects, he delivered the most outstanding paper to The Royal Society on his many years of research into life beyond death, and wrote extensively on that subject. In fact many eminent intellectuals, academics and scientists around the turn of the 19th century conducted research and experiments into the subject of the spirit world – the results of which are held in the archives of the Society for Psychical Research in London. But even in those days the scientific community frowned on such interests, regarding it as unscientific, and in the earlier years particularly, being acutely aware that the two interests conflicted in the eyes of scientists, Oliver Lodge would keep separate his ‘scientific’ work and other research when giving lectures. It’s also interesting to note that, even though he was a member of The Royal Society – an organisation founded in the 17th century which is a ‘Fellowship of many of the world’s most eminent scientists and is the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence’ – he has been ignored and almost air-brushed out of scientific history because of his interest and work in what modern-day scientists regard as pseudo-science.

Life after death had always been consigned to personal belief, but since the meticulous research of such eminent scientists in the early 20th century, anybody would have to be an idiot not to accept that life did not end at bodily death – such is the evidence that exists for it. Science today has gone backwards in this respect – it’s as stupid as believing that the earth is flat, despite all the concrete evidence to prove otherwise. Such is the ‘belief’ system in modern-day science. It will certainly be a shock for all those steadfast scientists when their time comes.

As far as mainstream religion goes on the subject, Christianity, Judaism and Islam have also got it very wrong where life after death is concerned; in its remembering the deceased in church services, Anglican priests cite the words ‘grant unto them eternal rest’. Can you imagine what resting for eternity would be like? Perhaps the next trillion years stretched out on a chaise lounge?

Indeed there is a wealth of documented evidence for reincarnation in stories of people, particularly children before a certain age, recalling places and events from the past which they could not possibly have known about unless having been present at a previous point in time. And when a child prodigy is discovered we all describe it as gifted – gifted from whom exactly? The religious will say from God. But that’s utter nonsense (see section on God below) as there is no entity handing out gifts to certain individuals. Those individuals have worked hard at a particular pursuit in previous lives, culminating in astounding the world with skills beyond the norm unnaturally early in a particular incarnation – the musician and composer Alma Deutscher is a perfect contemporary example.

Even the eastern religions with reincarnation at the heart of their doctrine have a somewhat distorted idea of what really happens. It’s also interesting to note here that Dr. George King stated that karma and reincarnation had been removed from Christian teaching in the early years of that church. It is indeed a fact that during the fifth Ecumenical Council in 553 A.D. the Roman emperor Justinian made sure that the belief in reincarnation was removed from Christian doctrine, although of course the church denies this.

Consciousness is energy – an energy that is in everything in the universe, at varying levels. In truth, and from a mystical perspective, consciousness IS the universe. And though we can’t see consciousness with the human eye, we see its manifestation everywhere on our physical level; the life in all things – everything animate – and, believe it or not – everything inanimate. We think that matter creates consciousness, but in truth it is the other way round – consciousness creates matter. Everything we see around us is created by consciousness – and so ultimately is an illusion – but that’s a whole other crazy story.

There are many types of energy which science as yet cannot understand, and yet observes the manifestation of these energies. However, where this article is concerned, there is one particular form of energy that we don’t even regard as energy at all, and yet we experience and create it all the time – and that is thought energy. Thoughts, as George King stated, are things. They are energy that goes somewhere, instantaneously, and affects something, somewhere, to some degree. Time and space are no barriers to this energy. The incredible fact is that scientists are fully aware that the results of experiments can be altered simply by the presence of the experimenter, the on-looker, the person conducting the experiment. This has been observed many times over the years in the laboratory. And this clearly points to the fact that Mind, and therefore thought, has an effect on the experiment being carried out. I has also been reported that surgeons have noticed their patients ability to heal and recover quicker when they have allowed somebody to pray for the patient in close proximity during an operation; though science would of course need to undertake lengthy studies to acknowledge this.

Dr. King also stated that thoughts travel much faster than the speed of light, though we think of light being the ultimate speed and nothing can travel faster, but this is certainly not the case. Scientists have a term for the most bizarre phenomenon which continues to be a field of furious development – it is called Quantum Entanglement, and is a process connecting two particles in which changes to one of the particles are reflected – instantly – in the other, even though they could be light years apart. Within the known laws of physics this seems absurd, and yet it is so.

We understand nothing about the energy of thought, and yet we experience its manifestation everywhere. Dr. King stated that the brain is very much like a receiving set, a radio, and can be attuned to receive information that travels through the ethers. Indeed we often pick up thoughts or impressions seemingly out of the blue, we might say intuitively. Telepathy remains very much a pseudo-science, but many have studied it and found that thoughts can indeed be transmitted by one person and picked up by another. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake – a former Cambridge Biologist – is one of the leading researchers in this field, and has spent years conducting experiments. His findings are indisputable on the subject. Even Alan Turing –  mathematician, computer scientist, theoretical biologist and Fellow of the Royal Society – said that it wasn’t such a big leap to accept such phenomena, and personally believed in Extra Sensory Perception, automatic writing and telepathy.

Ether is a subject to which Sir Oliver Lodge dedicated an entire book – ‘Ether and Reality’ (1925) – and much other writing. It is a subject which many scientists at one time agreed was part of the space in which everything existed, but it became no longer acceptable to do so within science. In Sanskrit, Akasha is the word that means ether; the all-pervasive, space, the finest of the five elements; a substance that is said to fill and permeate the entire universe, and to be the particular vehicle of life and sound, among other things.

We live in a soup of many different types of energy, but like a deep sea fish that moves around under tons of pressure without realizing it, we too are unaware of atmospheric pressure, and all the many energies that surround and pass through us. Many of them are detectable by current scientific understanding, but the subtler energies are not. Yet the ancients, the mystic, the Yogi’s, knew of these energies only too well. And they knew of this all pervasive element ether, and understood that it was somehow magnetic – that it held information. All the events of the past – everything that had ever happened – was impressed into the fabric of this element. And this ‘Akashic Record‘ could be accessed by those advanced enough in certain mystic or yogic practices.

It has long been known by mystics and sages that an interconnecting cosmic field exists at the roots of reality that conserves information – the Akashic Record. Recent discoveries in vacuum physics confirm that this Akashic Field exists, and has its equivalent in science’s Zero-Point Field . This field consists of a sea of energies from which all things arise: atoms and galaxies, stars and planets, and all of life. This Zero-Point Field is the constant enduring memory of the universe, and as regards Earth, it contains the record of all that has ever happened.

This means that physical matter has memory – the fabric of our world holds within its atomic structure the memory of events it has undergone. The ancient practice of Divination is a method by which the practitioner can access some of the information held by an inanimate object, such as a stone; the emotions and life events of a person long since passed on might be felt through an old wrist watch; old buildings and places contain a wealth of memory within their fabric. The contemporary writer Peter Ackroyd talks about this in his famous tome ‘London – The Biography’. Water also holds memory; the New York Times bestseller ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ was published by Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto who spent years researching the effects of thoughts, words and feelings on water molecules. And of course the much derided alternative medicine of Homeopathy is based on the memory of substances in water.

To most of us this may sound like a lot of new age twaddle – and there are certainly plenty of new agey types out there peddling twaddle. But there is hard evidence to prove beyond all doubt that there is so much that mainstream science doesn’t understand, can’t explain, and therefore simply ignores, denies or out-rightly criticizes, despite the fact that the evidence is right there before their very eyes. Science claims to be open and honest, and ready to admit when it is wrong, or doesn’t understand – thus spurring investigation for answers with even greater zeal. But this simply isn’t the case. There are certain fields of scientific enquiry that are deemed acceptable to theorize upon, even though little progress towards any comprehension may ever be made e.g. string theory; dark matter; dark energy; gravity; the human brain. The scientific community is very much like a church, a religion; preaching only what is acceptable to its peers. But step outside of the parameters and you can be excommunicated, cast out – career over.

So, enough of criticizing mainstream science, and back to the point. There is no doubt that our consciousness lives on after the body gives in, and that we move to another space/time. This has often been referred to as the spirit world, although religions will have different terms for it. But the truth is, there is more than one other realm.

When a person takes a certain spiritual/mystical path, and undertakes certain arduous practices with strict discipline and determination over a length of time – usually many years – certain stages, or goals, can be reached whereby a transformation, or a series of transformations, take place which alter the faculties, abilities, and indeed the entire being of that person. These practices are ancient, and have been undertaken for millennia by many, but only a handful throughout history have ever managed to reach the higher stages – such is the magnitude of the mountain that has to be climbed. The people who attempt this ascent are often referred to in eastern culture as Swami’s or Yogi’s. And those who reach the ultimate destination are often referred to as Masters or Adepts, and as such they stand high above ordinary man, with skills, abilities, insights, knowledge and wisdom that defy ordinary human understanding. This is a huge subject and impossible to get across in a few paragraphs, but I deal with it in much greater detail in my other blog regarding Dr. George King.

Dr.George King was one of these individuals – a Master of Yoga, an Adept. And he knew exactly what happens to us – our consciousness – after the demise of the body. Never before had these matters been explained to mankind to such an extent. They are truly a revelation that puts everything we thought we knew about this subject in the shade.

The Revelation

George King explained that there are eleven realms on this planet where humans exist. The realm we exist in right now we might term as the physical – Dr. King referred to it as level one. The other ten are the astral realms – domains where matter exists on a different level of vibration to this one – where the atomic structures vibrate at higher or lower rates to this level. If this sounds ridiculously absurd, consider that quantum physicists have postulated, from observations conducted at the quantum level, that there has to be many more dimensions than the four in which we exist i.e. height, width, depth and time. String theory is one of the many scientific theories that have been edging closer to an understanding of these other realms or dimensions, if it can be called an understanding. It is a well known fact that the deeper one delves into quantum mechanics, the more bizarre and unfathomable it becomes – the known laws of physics are turned upside down and inside out.

George King explained that the other ten realms are not in the sky, or the heavens, or down in the earth, but all around us – each one dovetailing with the others. We might think of these other realms as some vague, will-o’-the-wisp place, but in truth they are just as physical as this realm. Which means that where an empty desert might exist to us, on another level there might be a city, or a sea, or forest. And those who live on those levels live all around us, passing through us and all that we perceive as solid on our realm. This sounds ludicrous, but when you consider all the energy waves and particles that pass through us on a daily basis – stuff we’ve only discovered say in the past century – it’s not so unimaginable – it becomes plausible.

However, the important point where this article is concerned is that there are ten additional realms to this one – six higher and four lower; higher meaning that each one vibrates at a higher rate that the one before it – matter is finer; and lower meaning that the frequency is lower, more coarse. These other realms are all part of the planet – elements that are physically undetectable by our five basic senses, and yet very physical to those who exist there. According to Dr. King these realms, although physical, are more mentally based for those who exist there – meaning the function of the mind takes precedence. It has been said by others who have studied this subject that those existing on those realms are able to travel around purely by the use of thought, and bring into manifestation objects by thought. This of course seems like something from a children’s fantasy novel, but again you have to bear in mind the fact that everything we perceive around us here on this realm – every physical object we can see and touch – is simply an illusion – a fabrication of our consciousness, of Mind – a fact any theoretical physicist will tell you. Everything we perceive as solid is just a mass of vibrating atoms, which create the molecules, which create the structures of everything we see around us; we hold it all together with our consciousness locked in the vibrational frequency that is this realm of width, breadth, depth and time. So it’s not such a big leap of the imagination to see that atoms vibrating at other frequencies manifest objects which are invisible to us on our realm. Therefore, when we pass into the other realms, our consciousness constructs another body or vehicle to inhabit of matter of a different vibrational frequency to this physical realm.

So, the obvious question is, why, after bodily death, are there all these other realms of existence where life-streams go? Part of the answer is that people are all so different to one another – similar in some ways, but so different in many others. We say that all men are born equal, and to a some degree that is correct. Two men maybe born into great hardship, yet one goes on to create some of the world’s greatest musical symphonies, and the other becomes a thief and a murderer. This of course is an example of extremes – life is complex with infinite nuances.

Biologists will tell you it is all a result of genetics that determines our behaviour and the kind of people we are; they might even add that Memes are partly responsible for how we develop within a culture. But no biologist has a complete answer to how intelligent life exists – or life at all for that matter. Dissecting a dead body will not yield its consciousness – a human body is much more than the sum of its parts. In his brilliant book ‘The Science Delusion’ Dr. Rupert Sheldrake says ‘however many subatomic particles there may be, organisms are wholes, and reducing them to their parts by killing them and analysing their chemical constituents simply destroys what makes them organisms.’ And he goes on to say ‘Attempts to explain organisms in terms of their chemical constituents is rather like trying to understand a computer by grinding up and analysing its component elements; such as copper, germanium and silicon. Certainly it is possible to learn something about the computer in this way, namely what it is made of. But in this process of reduction, the structure and the programmed activity of the computer vanishes, and chemical analysis will never reveal the circuit diagrams; no amount of mathematical modelling of interactions between its atomic constituents will reveal the computer’s programs or the purposes they fulfilled.’

Science, as it stands at the moment, simply cannot explain the metaphysics of it all – the force behind life itself. Again, we have to come back to consciousness when considering so-called death; it is all a case of Mind. George King explained that when a persons physical body expires on this physical realm, that consciousness, with all its attributes, goes to what he called ‘a place of waiting’ – a place of adjustment where there are people in that realm who are there to help, because the passing over from this realm to that can be a tremendous shock to some, especially if it has been sudden. The sensation of the consciousness leaving the physical shell yet finding oneself still aware yet somewhere else can be especially shocking to someone who has spent a life believing that nothing exists after bodily death; although many may by-pass this place of adjustment depending on their outlook during life on this plane. George King said that after a while that individual then goes to the realm that he or she deserves – meaning the vibrational frequency that is most suited to that individual. And there existence continues in all its many forms, until a time when reincarnation upon this plane again is necessary. Dr. King explained that there is no such thing as ‘judgement’, as believed by religions – no judgement by a God; one goes into what he termed the ‘halls of self-judgement where an individual judges oneself’. The higher part of ones consciousness seeing clearly what lessons are necessary for one to learn – what situation and environment can offer the necessary experiences. Again help and advice are given by others – the individual chooses its parents and the environment which is best suited, and that individual is born into the life-cycle of this physical realm again.

Seen is this light, it is understandable how some people have tremendous abilities in particular fields that some people call ‘gifts’. How for example a four year old child can play a violin like an adult and compose symphonies by the age of eight – such as the remarkable Alma Deutscher, who has inevitably been likened to Mozart. Great aptitude for a skill isn’t mustered out of thin air. It isn’t some neurological anomaly, or a ‘gift’ from God. It is learnt, over lifetimes, and on the other realms.

Another important fact is that we can be reborn as male or female, black or white, rich or poor  – whatever situation and environment we have chosen in order to learn certain lessons. And this fact illustrates clearly the utter futility and absurdity of any prejudice people may hold against one another. The fact is that somebody with a prejudice in this life may reincarnate onto this realm and into a similar position in society of those they previously held a prejudice against. If this simple fact were taught in schools from an early stage, it would dispense with most of the troubles of this world within one generation. And apart from hatred, such emotions as greed and jealousy would quickly subside. So many youngsters today crave wealth, fame, physical perfection and adulation. If only it were known that their situation was of their own choosing so that the opportunities for the necessary lessons can be presented, and conquered, all those destructive issues would evaporate. Those with fewer material possessions in life wouldn’t waste effort in coveting those with more, and those with more would be inspired to give more to those with less – obviously. How sad that our simple ignorance and blind beliefs hold us back.

If we live our lives as a generally positive, optimistic person – inspired by the great things – inclined to pushing our mind in the direction of love, wonderment and joy of the world, of the universe – inclined to learning – not too concerned with materialism – it means that our mind is raised in its vibrations. The emanations – the frequency of thoughts and feelings created – are raised above the mundane to higher levels. Naturally this kind of approach is beneficial to us in so many ways – and there are many ways in which we can learn to do this; all the philosophy and spiritual teachings can only help us.

On the other hand, if we are negative in our approach – pessimistic, cynical or hateful – inclined to baser activities -engrossed in all that is bad and negative in the world – obsessed with materialism – and worse still violent and even murderous – our mind vibrations are low, the emanations are dark, coarse, bleak.

These examples are of course the two extremes, and most of us fall somewhere in between, experiencing bits of both poles throughout our lives. And George King often stated that it is crucial that we make efforts to learn to control our thoughts, and indeed our emotions, because not only do these affect us personally, but these mind emanations feed into the collective consciousness – the mind belt of our world – making it what it is. Of course what we actually do is all important, but the thought comes before the deed, and even if the deed isn’t carried out, the thought goes somewhere and can unknowingly be picked up by someone else. It isn’t difficult to see how the abundance of crime and violence in the media, in literature and in children’s video games has a direct effect in shaping our world.

But with regard to life after bodily death, it is how we generally are in our lives that determines which realm our ‘Mind’ is magnetized towards when we leave the physical body. In life we are comfortable with certain kinds of people, situations and places; we are magnetically drawn to them, and may find it difficult to remain in company and situations which do not suit us, or feel alien. It’s a simple analogy, but it partly explains why there is more than one realm of existence that life inhabits after physical death. The other part of the answer that explains the reason for why humans exist in many different realms; why the nature of one person can be so different from another; why one persons worldly circumstances can be so different from another – is Karma.

cd0f08b969a0401b9bda79dc06f99efc_de15aef6ad4242e4add89bb058fa7349_headerA few words on Karma and God

At this point it’s necessary to say a few words about Karma, and the concept of this word ‘God’. The Sanskrit word Karma is banded about in western society today with little understanding of what it actually means, even though we say ‘what goes around comes around’, or ‘you only get what you give’. Even the explanations of it from the religions of which it has a central part are somewhat vague, verbose, misleading and often incorrect. Karma is the all-pervasive LAW of the entire universe.

In a recorded lecture on the subject George King says:

“Karma is the name given to THE LAW – the law which is God. Not the law necessarily made by God – not written by God, or even enforced by God. But an essential part of the governing system. Without Karma there could be no creation as we know it – creation would have to take a different form. Karma, then, is before the effect. You cannot have a law after the effect. The law must be before the effect. And the effect of this law is the whole of creation as we know it”.

You could add that all the known laws of physics are also the laws of the universe – such as Newton’s third law of motion: for, every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – which is similar in some ways to the law of Karma. In his book ‘Karma and Reincarnation’ George King says:

“Karmic Law governs not only humanoid life streams, but all life. Even the life within metal and stone is answerable to the law. The life-force within plants and animals – and even the great Suns – is governed by the selfsame Karmic law which governs you and I. When you really study the nature of all things, you can see that all Life is one”.

This may sound like nonsense in the light of conventional, orthodox thinking – metal and stone are seemingly inanimate, lifeless. But we know from science that the atoms which form the molecular structure of these materials are anything but lifeless – everything is vibrating and alive. We perceive everything as separate, as solid, as real. But as mentioned earlier, we again know from science, and from mysticism, that this perception is just an illusion. Everything is a form of energy – it’s just that we perceive certain things as solid, or lifeless.

When George King uses the word ‘God’, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the concept that most religions adhere to – that of some omnipotent, omnipresent, white-bearded deity floating around the skies. This idiotic concept is why militant atheists, scientists, and the secular-minded have an easy time ridiculing believers in a God – the believers have no credible explanation for their belief. And the apologists of these religions attempt to explain it away in some convoluted, or over-simplified fashion – therefore atheism seems a logical view for an intellectual mind in this scientific age. Paradoxically Buddhism is viewed as an atheistic religion because there is no mention in its teachings of an absolute supreme being (although there are ‘Gods’), which is why it appeals to the non-religious and atheists – though rather than a religion it is really philosophical and practical guide to a way of living. Sam Harris, one of the so-called ‘four horsemen’ and leading atheistic writer, devotes a whole chapter of his highly acclaimed book The End of Faith to the benefits of Buddhist practises as a means to bettering the world.

But while the religious and the atheist thrash out the issue of whether there is a God or not, the Yogi Master George King overturned centuries of misconceptions and misunderstanding with an explanation that ties everything together. This thing we call GOD, The Absolute, Brahma, Jehova – is actually the universe Itself – in its entirety – everything in it, including us; from the micro-cosmic to the macro-cosmic. Every sub-atomic particle to every Galaxy. Everything we cannot physically see and everything that we can see. All that we understand so far, and all that we don’t yet understand. It is all an expression of this thing called consciousness – Mind – one unimaginable vast consciousness split into many different levels and forms. Manifesting as the mass of variety that we can physically see, and all that we cannot yet see. We, as humans, are simply the lower aspects of that huge consciousness; tiny bits of consciousness, or mind energy – very insignificant in relation to the whole, yet essential. Because the universe would be incomplete without its parts. And we are part of the whole – part of this thing we call God – just infinitesimally small parts of it. And George King described God as ‘IT’. Not ‘He’ or ‘She’, but both polarities. He explained that all planets, all heavenly bodies, are conscious living beings, albeit greatly advanced. Not just huge lumps of rock, or gas, as we see them on our physical level. And in turn they are parts of bigger chunks of consciousness – galaxies. Which in turn are parts of super-galaxies – the magnitude of which we find impossible to comprehend with the puny human brain (or more precisely, the tiny amount of the brain we actually use). And what of all the seemingly empty space in between; the so-called dark energy and dark matter; gravity; time; black holes, and all the many other forces and energies we can’t yet explain?

It can be helpful to see the universe as God like that of a human body: each atom of the billions of atoms in our body being like a tiny solar system. And within one of these systems exists the planet Earth, with millions of us crawling about on her back – nothing more than infinitesimal specks of dust. This analogy isn’t so feeble when you consider the seemingly empty space in an atom – the huge distance between its nucleus and the electrons circling it, and then scale that up to cosmic proportions; bear in mind that if the nucleus of an atom were the size of a golf ball, the distance between that and the electron would be over a kilometre away. We understand that our own galaxy, the Milky Way, is around 100,000 light years across; meaning to travel from one side to the other would take 100,000 years travelling at 186,000 miles per second – the speed of light. And then consider there are million more galaxies, many of them vastly bigger than ours. It makes us as human beings seem pretty insignificant and pointless in the face of such unimaginable vastness. And yet, from a metaphysical point of view, we are essential – parts of the whole. Because the whole could not be complete without its parts. We are part of this thing we call ‘God’.

Incidentally, the notion of us humans being the lower aspects of ‘God’ seems to really upset religious people; I once voiced this idea to an eminent Cambridge University theologian, who subsequently went a funny colour. Maybe it’s the inherent arrogance in humans that is so opposed to this fact. But it clearly illustrates how the human brain – even a highly intelligent, academic brain – tends to trivialize the concept of ‘God’, limiting it and bringing it down to a level that humans can vaguely relate to and feel comfortable with. The fact that many different religions actually formed over the centuries is another indication of our aptitude for separateness. The absurd beliefs of the religious that their respective God is the one true God, and so must be superior to all others, is additional ammunition for the critics of religion. The fact is, certain highly advanced individuals – teachers – appeared in different parts of the world at different periods in history, for certain reasons, bringing essentially different aspects of the same truth. Human ignorance, arrogance and idiocy corrupted these teachings over time and created separate ‘clubs’ out of them – leading to division and war. Humans have this incredible ability to create an ‘us and them’ situation from just about anything you could imagine.

This truth that All is One – God is the universe – will one day be realized and understood by the world, but it may take some time. If there is one word that sums up the human race as a whole – terrible as it may sound – that word is IGNORANCE. For centuries we thought we were the centre of the universe, and believed that everything revolved around us – like children. Galileo Galilei proved scientifically in the early seventeenth century that this was not the case. But it took the Roman Catholic church over 400 years to formally apologize for the persecution it had subjected him to for his ‘heresy’, and admitting that he was right.

To return to Karma, we may ask the questions: ‘How does this force affect me as an individual? Where does it actually reside?’ George King says in his book ‘Karma and Reincarnation’:

“When you really study the nature of all things, you can see that ALL LIFE is ONE. It is expressing itself in thousands of different ways in order to gain the essential experience of this terrestrial classroom. If you regard all life in this way, you will better understand your own particular tiny position in this great sea of life. If you imagine, for a moment, that you are like a sponge in a great sea and the sea is life, this life is flowing through you and whilst it is within you, it is manifesting itself as a sponge. Then it flows on and manifests itself as a sea anemone; then as a fish. Then it changes its density and form and becomes air. Then it manifests itself as a rock, as a tree, or an animal, as a human being, as an Adept, as a Master, as an Interplanetary Being, reaching ever upwards towards its Creative Source”.

“If you look at life in this way, I think you will better understand the all-pervasive Law within which it operates. The more you understand it, the more you can cooperate with it and the more you can stop your lower self from trying to go against it, because you will know that you never can. Whatever you do, whatever you think, wherever you are, whatever time it is, the Law is governing this and you are building up a certain pattern for yourself. This pattern is formulated, not only in the total Akashic record of the world, but also in your personal Akashic record as well. Some Masters say that man carries his whole history in his aura, where it is written in etheric substance. It is implanted there and every time he offsets some bad deed with some good deed, so the history lines are changed, thereby constantly changing the pattern, until you have the picture as it is now. Some also state that the Akashic record of a Planet is just the same”.

Our personal Karmic pattern resides in the Aura – the energy field which exists around the physical body – our consciousness, which is the eternal element. And we carry this Karmic pattern around with us like baggage. Some of us carry a lighter load, some a heavier one – but all of our own doing, over many lives, many incarnations. Our every thought and action creates this Karmic pattern, which is added to, or altered, second by second. And George King stated in his lecture on the subject that this happens not just during the waking state, but during the sleep state too – twenty-four hours a day, every day. Because part of us is still active during the sleep state, and responsible for all thought and action.

There is no such thing as punishment from God – the very idea is ludicrous, and again something invented by the religions in order to gain control and power. There is also no such thing as forgiveness from God – again an absurd belief – because everything is part of God, part of the whole. So if you hurt someone else in some way, you’re essentially hurting yourself, and loading up more negative Karma for yourself, and the world in general. Forgiveness for wrongdoing is something which should certainly be practised between people, but the wrongdoing itself remains accounted for Karmically – the negative act happened and therefore will ultimately need to be balanced in some way. And no other person can absolve you from your sins or transgressions; going to a priest to obtain absolution in the confessional box is the one of the biggest lies ever perpetrated by a religion – it’s complete nonsense. Although George King says in a recorded lecture that the one positive aspect of this religious practise is the time given to reflection on one’s own faults and failings in order to correct them. But there is certainly no absolution – no ‘forgiveness from God’ as people say; what there is, is Karma. And everything must be balanced out – action and reaction being opposite and equal. Even the Christian bible retains some references to Karma: ‘As yea sow, so shall yea reap’ – a translation of words believed to have been spoken by Jesus.

All the suffering in the world – and there is plenty of it – is a result of our past wrong-doing. But, as all the great sages throughout history have said, we’re not here to suffer – life is not about suffering. The reason suffering exists, in all its forms – illness, disease, poverty, violence, oppression, war – is the Karmic debt we have to pay for past wrong thought and action. George King talks in a lecture about the utter sadness at the suffering of a small child. And we may ask why this should be so. Karma is the reason. Small and innocent as a child is, that life-stream has a past, a history behind it. It has reincarnated for a reason. And as George King said, from whichever astral realm we are returning from – with help and guidance from others – we choose our parents, our situation, our circumstances which will best help and educate us – even if that means just one day of life on this physical realm. You might ask why we might choose awful circumstances, but it’s not as though we, as we are now, are choosing, but the spirit, or essence of us – the part of us that understands what we truly need from the next incarnation. We have to ‘burn’ up ‘negative’ or ‘bad’ Karma in order to move forward – to learn the lessons which we have failed to learn in our past. Life is about learning and about experience – and through adversity is usually when we learn the most, and learn quickly – or not, as is so often the case.

But, this ‘negative’ Karma that we all carry, in varying degrees, that we are all here on this Earth to burn up or balance out, does not necessarily have to be offset or worked out through suffering. Although there are many failings and shortcomings in our lives that need to be addressed – some are major issues, some very minor – the expending of effort selflessly in the service of others, in the thousands of different ways in which that can be achieved, is one sure way to burn up negative Karma – to off-load the baggage we may have carried with us for centuries; it is a manipulation of the universal Law of Karma. And this manipulating of Karma is one of the main teachings that Dr. George King spent his life trying to bring to the attention of this world; tools and skills which would help to dig us out of the pit we have created for ourselves.

George King talked about Karma having mainly two phases – and ‘for want of better terminology’ he calls them negative and positive. Not so much referring to a polarity, but to a form of Karma. He says in his lecture: negative Karma is what you make for yourself by certain thoughts and actions – the thought coming before the action. If you think in one way, you create one kind of Karma for yourself, and thinking in another way creates a positive Karma. Although as he points out, the difference between the two can at times be as a razors edge. Here he gives an illustration of how Karma works and how we can and should manipulate it in our lives:

If you were to regard yourself as a boat on an ocean – the ocean that you use, upon which to make your journey, is Karma. The wind, which is blowing to help you, or hinder you on your journey, is Karma. The boat is you, and the intelligence you use to guide that boat is also you. Now, you can do one of two things – if you have learnt your lessons correctly in previous lives, you will know how to trim your sails, so as to make the best possible use of every wind, whether it be a howling gale or a light zephyr. And you can steer your boat from point A to point B – your predetermined destination. But, if you are too lazy or too indolent – if through past experiences you have put a mental block upon yourself so that you are incapable, or even too lazy to steer your boat, then what happens? You are at the mercy of Karmic winds, and the Karmic currents. And the waves dash over you, making your jouney very slow, very tedious and very unpleasant. If, on the other hand, you have gained the experience necessary – if you have read your charts correctly – charts given by Jesus, Buddha, Sankara, Krishna, the Bhagavad Gita etc., etc. And in modern times the latest bible – The Nine Freedoms. If you have read these charts correctly and learned from them, they have told you how to steer your boat, how to trim your sails, so that you can get to your predetermined destination, wherever that may be. Negative Karma is being in the position of being blown around by the wind – without you exerting the necessary energy to pull that boat back on course again, so that you can use everything that the Law gives you. When you use everything that the Law gives you, you go to the stars. When you do not use everything that the Law gives you, you reincarnate again, and again, and again – until you pass the examination that takes you into the next classroom. It’s that simple.

This is how the Law of the universe operates in our daily lives, and how we can and should cooperate with it in order to move forward. But the truth is, so many do not – most don’t even understand that this is what happens, and so the world staggers on in total ignorance – the ‘charts’ of Jesus, Buddha and so on having been ignored by the majority.

Most people grossly underestimate the power of thought. As George King said: As a man thinks, so he is. Swami Sivananda (1887 – 1963) in his inspiring book ‘Thought Power’ says: “Those who harbour thoughts of hatred, jealousy, revenge and malice are verily very dangerous persons. They can cause unrest and ill-will amongst men. Their thoughts and feelings are like wireless messages broadcast in ether, and are received by those whose minds respond to such vibrations. Thought moves with tremendous velocity. Those who entertain sublime and pious thoughts help others, who are in their vicinity and at a distance also”.

Uncontrolled thought goes somewhere, affecting the world and the person thinking the thought, in some way; with actions that goes without saying. With negative thoughts, we can end up getting caught in a cycle of negativity in all that we think and do. When we feel down, disheartened, disappointed, hurt, resentful, jealous, angry, malicious, or a host of other basic human emotions, we can end up dwelling on these feelings longer than is necessary or good for us, and we can begin to feel more and more negative; it can become a destructive downward spiral, affecting us and all those around us, and the actions that may eventually follow can have disastrous consequences. Second by second this is precisely what alters our Karmic pattern negatively, or keeps it within the pattern of negativity in which we as a race have remained for so very long. We don’t even have to be psychic to feel these negative energies in others, but those who are psychic feel it acutely. Thoughts harm others, but they most certainly harm the person thinking them – mental and physical health are most definitely at risk of suffering. But more importantly, regarding the point of this article, that negative energy constantly created in so many ways by millions of people through wrong thought and action, accumulates. And accumulates, and accumulates. And over time – over thousands of years – it creates and manifests somewhere. What follows is the very crux of this entire article.

The Revelation of Revelations – The Secret of Secrets

As previously discussed, there are ten other etheric realms in addition to the one we inhabit on this planet. And four of them (termed minus 1, 2, 3 and 4) are the lower astral realms where people exist whose negative Karma and particular mindset is such that the vibration of these realms is in tune – or they themselves are in tune – with these more basic, more course lower frequencies.

You could call these places the hells, but as George King says, they are not as depicted in Christian tradition as Dante’s inferno. He says that these realms are heavily populated, and that the most unpleasant individuals populate them. People with disturbed, dark, violent and brutal pasts. George King also stated that drug addicts are also very common on these realms (a point I discuss in my other article). You might say that such people may have lead such a life previously because of circumstances and a troubled time, and that could in part be correct. Nevertheless, George King stated that certain drugs have such an effect over prolonged use that they distort and disfigure the astral body – the body which travels with us after bodily death to other dimensions. If so damaged, this body cannot move to a higher, finer vibrational realm, and must vibrate and exist on a lower one in accordance with its state.

All the individuals with heavily negative karmic patterns pass on to these lower realms from this one, but the key point here is that all must eventually reincarnate from the lower realms back onto this physical realm, because as I have discussed, this is the classroom where we all come, from all the other realms, to learn our toughest lessons – where we learn the most. It is where we put ourselves to the test and hopefully burn up some of our negative Karma in order to evolve and progress. And so it is with those reincarnating from the lower realms. But, as in most cases, we forget where we have come from, what we have come here to try to achieve, and end up going down the same old road as in previous lives, advancing little if at all. And the endless cycle continues.

But more importantly, what most don’t realize on this physical realm, is that there are those on the lower realms who seek to influence people on this realm. This happens in small cases with individuals, for which there is plenty of evidence. But it can also happen on a grand scale. And above all as regards this entire article, there are certain individuals on the other lower realms who are chosen, or choose to reincarnate onto this one with a predetermined mission. George King stated – from first-hand experience I might add – that there are powerful individuals on the lower realms, just like great spiritual adepts on this and the higher realms, but whose motives are black – intelligences who have sunk to the lowest, darkest motives driven by the desire for power.

He said that the wall between white magic and black magic is quite thin – it is simply a matter of motive. The practices of a great yogi on this realm, and the powers that can be gained by certain occult practices in this field, can just as easily be turned for dark purposes. Those such as Aleister Crowley knew this only too well. And the adepts, or black magicians as George King termed them, are capable of manipulating people not just in their realm, but also effectively on this realm too. And they crave and thrive on the negative energy which comes from evil acts committed; in fact their power increases as they feed off this energy. Sounds like the basis for a fantasy novel doesn’t it? If only it were. The fact is, it has long been a nagging question of why such appalling individuals such as Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Zedong, Augusto Pinochet, Slobodan Milosevic, Kim Jong Un, Robert Mugabe, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein and Muammar Qaddafi to name just a few from the past one hundred years alone, are able to achieve great power and hold on to it – long enough to cause appalling misery, violence and bloodshed on an industrial scale?

The fact is that these individuals came from the lower astral realms in the first place – puppets of even greater powers – creating puppets, or slaves, for themselves here on our realm to help carry out their nefarious tasks; that of holding us all in ignorance and fear, and creating as much negative, dark energy as possible through misery, violence and cruelty, in order to feed those Masters on the lower realms. George King stated that ‘no dictator was ever put in place by accident’ – it is a predetermined event cleverly engineered.

This is the REVELATION OF REVELATIONS – the secret of secrets. And no matter how crazy and delusional all this may sound – however strong our disbelief – until we really study, accept and take seriously this information given to us in the second half of the 20th century, the world will remain in ignorance and fear. Hatred will always exist somewhere. Heinous crimes will continue to be committed. Despots, violent regimes, terrorism, war and famine will always surface somewhere. And the dark clouds will continue to hang over us as they have always done. Until we understand the hidden causes, man’s inhumanity to man will continue.

This small article can only scratch the surface of a subject that is massive and far-reaching, and anyone wanting to delve further in search of answers would do well to study the writings and recorded lectures of Dr. George King. Of course there are many writings from other sources on occult knowledge, but none are clearer or come closer to truth than those of George King, for very good reason.



(This is an article in progress with new material added regularly).